Sunday, September 13, 2015

ADSS 1.120 Osborne to Sec State: Britain asks Poland to contact Germany

ADSS 1.120 D’Arcy Osborne, British Minister to the Holy See, to the Secretariat of State.

Reference: AES 5636/39

Location and date: Rome, 25.08.1939

Summary statement: British Government wishes Warsaw to resume contact with Berlin.

Language: French


The British Ambassador in Warsaw (1) has received instructions to inform M. Beck (2) that the British Government urgently wishes him to resume contact with the German Government. (3) The Italian Government has made the same request to the Polish Ambassador in Berlin. (4)

(1) Sir Howard Kennard (1878-1955), British Ambassador to Poland, 1937-39. (below left)
(2) Jozef Beck (1894-1944), Polish Foreign Minister 1932-39.
(3) See Lord Halifax’s instructions to the Ambassador Kennard in Warsaw, who must see Beck “and urge him to make an immediate approach.” DBFP, Series 3, Volume 7, n170, p146.

(4) Jozef Lipski (1894-1958), Polish Ambassador to Germany, 1934-39. (below right)

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